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Get To Know DiNero

Marc Dinero has always had a passion for music but he put it on a back burner. However, this ended in 2019 when he realized that it was time to make his music a priority. This led to his album “Inception”, inspiring hip-hop that still keeps it fresh, featuring single on his project like “Loafers and Suitcases”, "learn to surf" and "Moves". ‘Inception’ has been a long time coming for Marc DiNero. Growing up in Peoria, IL, he discovered hip hop early in life and was taken with it almost instantly. After realizing he hadn’t been investing in himself, he took a dive and did just that in 2019. This investment came into a labor of love, passion, and incredible music on his debut.


A dozen songs deep, ‘Inception’ takes what the masses have always loved about hip hop and gives it an inspirational twist. Like on his latest single, “Loafers and Suitcases” featuring none other than BRXTN. Marc Dinero is a spectacular artist with phenomenal creativity. His raw authenticity takes us back to the pure culture of hip-hop where rap felt like rap and not such a gimmick. A hip hop lyricist who takes his craft to the next level, there is no telling where Marc DiNero will go but we’re sure it’s to the top.


Label - Independent


WellVersed Music


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